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Our Armed Guards

Have you thought about security services for your establishment or business? Our Armed Security Officers are ready to protect you and your assets throughout the country. We provide security guard services to address client security concerns, no matter the type of business or facility.

With too many years of security management experience to count, Cascadia has the operational expertise and resources to properly secure any client need. Whether an apartment building, a warehouse, or an industrial facility, Cascadia can provide the security services you deserve.

Why Armed Security?

  • Enhanced Deterrence: Armed Security Officers provide a strong deterrent against potential threats, dissuading criminals from attempting to breach security measures and ensuring a safer environment for clients, employees, and visitors.
  • Immediate Response: The presence of Armed Security Officers ensures an immediate and decisive response to security threats, effectively mitigating risks and minimizing the impact of incidents on the client's premises.
  • High-Level Protection: Armed Security Officers offer a higher level of protection against armed intruders or violent threats, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in the safety and security of their assets and personnel.
  • Rapid Neutralization of Threats: Trained Armed Security Officers are equipped to swiftly neutralize threats, preventing escalation and potential harm to individuals or property, thereby maintaining the integrity and continuity of business operations.
  • Asset Protection: Armed Security Officers protect valuable assets and sensitive information from theft, vandalism, or sabotage, reducing financial losses and preserving the client's reputation and competitive edge in the market.
  • Customized Security Solutions: Armed Security Officers offer tailored solutions to meet specific security needs and requirements of clients, ensuring comprehensive coverage and effective protection against evolving security threats and challenges.
  • Specialized Training: Armed Security Officers undergo rigorous training in firearms handling, crisis management, and conflict resolution, equipping them with the skills and expertise to handle diverse security scenarios effectively and professionally.

Cascadia Guards & Training

Selecting, hiring, training, and placing Security Officers with the necessary skills, knowledge, aptitude, and qualifications is the most important work CGS does. Hiring the right people prevents performance problems and thereby keeps your location more secure.


To increase your service quality, the CGS Recruiting, Training, and Operations team continually reassess the following methods and implement new processes to get the right people into the right job at the right time:

  • Job descriptions specific to each client site.
  • Personnel selection criteria including tests, assessments, screenings, and interviews.
  • Personnel development, succession, and promotion plans.
  • Advanced certifications and qualifications to ensure our Security Officers’ promotion potential.

Cascadia Technology

We offer the latest in mobile technology to ensure your assigned Armed Security Officers are on-site and providing exceptional guard services. Electronic timekeeping and reporting streamlines engagement between Cascadia and the client, minimizing administrative burden while also enabling real-time access to your security information. Learn more about our TrackTik system here.

Cascadia National Support Center

Our National Support Center in San Antonio, TX stays online 24/7/365 to answer your calls. These professionals maintain our schedule to ensure you always have a guard on site, answer client questions no matter what time they call, and support our Security Officers during any contingency or emergency. This Support/Dispatch center provides:

  • Real-time management of Officer duties and activities.
  • Over 100 random Officer checks each day to ensure quality standards.
  • Behind-the-scenes reporting and research ability.
  • Mapping and critical information logs for all Client accounts.
  • Immediate notification of late shift arrivals or dark shifts.
  • Available to both Cascadia staff and Clients.

More Than Just Security

Unlike most security companies, we work every day to not only keep your site or facility secure but to also proactively make your life easier. Here are some additional add-on services that our Officers provide to our Clients:

  • Temperature Checks
  • Spill Detection
  • Lighting Reports
  • Audits (Fire Extinguishers/AEDs/Etc.)
  • Resident Checks
  • Vehicle Logs
  • Light Janitorial

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