Security Services



Specialized Security Solutions For A Safer Community

What does security mean to you? Is it about having a watchful team, finely tuned to guard your premises? Or is it more about fostering a sense of safety and assurance among your staff and visitors? Maybe it's the freedom to operate smoothly, without any disruptions? Or could it be a blend of these factors? We are here to craft a plan that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations of a security team.

Our security officers undergo thorough training to familiarize themselves with your people, processes, and facility. From there, we stay in constant communication and provide ongoing management oversight to ensure you're getting the highest quality security program possible.


The Cascadia Approach

Support Roles

Cascadia helps clients reduce overhead costs by providing security officers to perform functions that would otherwise require additional in-house employees. We provide professional officers who seamlessly integrate into client staff and are trained to your specifications. These officers can fulfill roles including lobby receptionist, concierge, console operator, badging administrator, and mailroom operator, as well as perform other daily tasks as required to keep your business running smoothly.

Total Quality Management

Our technology systems allow us to collect and monitor (in real-time) all data needed to ensure your sites are serviced as contracted. Through these systems, our managers continuously monitor the active schedule and staffing levels, and security officer reports/job performance/daily reports/incident reports. In-app reporting and evaluation tools also serve as a memorialization of conversations with both employees and clients to maintain accountable service.

Measurable Results

We measure your client experience from day one to help us deliver consistently excellent service. Through account standards and audits, management inspections, performance evaluations, and on-site focus groups, we continually look for ways to improve. Additionally, we regularly review and measure our performance through standard KPIs such as incident reports, post orders compliance, ops performance/retention, and business quality reviews.

Training & Safety

CGS provides highly trained and safety-conscious Security Officers to every client. Training is provided by experienced security, military, and police instructors who take pride in their work and enjoy giving all Security Officers the tools they need to be successful. While every state-required training is a bit different, our Officers generally receive 1-3 days of Pre-Assignment Training, several days of Task-Specific or On-the-Job Training, and Formal Continual Training.

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed security operations mean maintaining the safety of persons and property while at the same time building trust with customers and clients. Every Cascadia employee is taught to understand their roles and obligations with respect to our clients and their stakeholders. We utilize a modified version of the Washington State DSHS Trauma-Informed Approach Training: Modules 1-3 along with SAMSHA recommendations.

Pay & Benefits

We are proud to offer some of the highest-tier benefits to all CGS employees. All employees have access to critical benefits such as medical, dental, life insurance, critical care insurance, workers’ comp insurance, and our Rain Instant Pay system that allows employees to avoid costly and predatory payday loans by accessing their earned wages within hours of a completed shift. After an employee has worked for 3 months, they receive access to other benefits such as GED-completion scholarships, 401Ks, paid parental leave, and promotion opportunities.

Manager Engagement

Each of our managers maintains a smaller portfolio, allowing them to build real relationships with both clients and security officers. Every manager at Cascadia is required to work at least one shift per month, ensuring they know the "ins and outs" of their portfolio sites.

24/7 Support

The Cascadia National Support Center in San Antonio, TX stays online 24/7/365 to answer your calls. These professionals maintain our schedule to ensure you always have a guard on site, answer client questions no matter what time they call, and support our security officers during any contingency or emergency.


Cascadia takes a focused and consistent approach to retention. We strive to treat every applicant and employee as an individual. We use a series of local and region awards to recognize excellent performance and consistently promote ongoing education and development. Our Culture Team works hard to actively engage all employees with surveys, recognition programs, and newsletters to ensure both knowledge and motivation.